Latina wedding dresses – timeless piece with magnificent design

The lavish ornate black and white latina wedding dresses ware depicted in the film and worn by Fleur Delacour at her wedding in 1997. The Fleur Delacour wedding dress as it’s become known is a timeless piece and a magnificent design that is bound to turn heads no matter the variation on the original.

The Original Wedding Dress

To say its exquisite is an understatement. The latina wedding dresses drew attention when it was first seen in the film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. In the film, it is depicted as a black and white dress in the silhouette of a heart. But it is the air of phoenixes, face to face that is the focal point of anyone looking at the dress.

Differences from the Book and the Movie

In the book, the latina wedding dress is portrayed as a simple white dress. For the movie, the wedding dress’ designer, Jany Temime adds intricate designs that make the piece one of a kind. In the book, she wears Aunt Muriel’s goblin-made tiara. The black headpiece the movie adds to the dress further adds mysticism to an already incredible design.

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