Irish wedding dresses – 13 components of your bridal bouquet

Most of the brides you meet are in search for an ideal unique wedding gown. Today’s bride-to-be is considering different colors and designs of wedding dresses. Introducing color is undisputedly becoming more popular.


Many brides feel this is a good way to express their personality while at the same time giving their wedding a unique touch. Those who fancy wearing an Irish wedding dress can choose from several different designs and patterns. With Irish wedding dresses, hemlines and bust lines vary from one wedding dress to next, and the colors are mostly dress-specific.


During the ancient times in Ireland, blue was the favorite color of a wedding dress before white came to dominate the scene in later years. So as a crafty way of showcasing your Irish culture or love for Irish heritage on your wedding day, you may choose to wear a blue Irish wedding dress or ivory or a white dress with a blue trim finish. You may also opt to have Irish bluebells as components of your bridal bouquet.

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