Having a Colorful Wedding with Indonesian Wedding Dresses

Indonesians are thrilled and amazed by wedding dresses and always look for the best styles to dress to this occasion. Indonesian wedding dresses are sizzling and made from the best materials with the best styles. The types of wedding dresses include:

Kebaya Indonesian Wedding Dress

This is a popular wedding costume in Indonesia which is mostly worn during traditional Indonesian Weddings. They are women costumes made from silk and cotton and worn with other traditional garments like Ikat.

The Batik Indonesian Wedding Dress

The dress is made using manual resist technique to come up with elaborate patterns that makes it colorful and outstanding. This makes it the best for weddings as it brings out the identity of Indonesian culture

Javanese Wedding Outfit

This Indonesian wedding dress is made from one of the best materials and colored to make it attractive and smart. They are designed with beads and banquets to make it more gorgeous and color the groom.

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