TOP 10 India wedding dress of 2017

Indian weddings tend to be very fun and exciting as this is the commemoration of the joining of two families. India wedding dresses are very valuable to the bride along as jewelry, hairstyle, makeup and even footwear to compliment the look.

An Indian wedding and festivities lasts for a number of days. The wedding dresses in india worn by the bride, groom, friends and family makes the whole event glorious.

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India wedding dresses are in colour as long as it is deemed suitable for wedding rites. Some brides wear white colored clothes. Red is normally the traditional wedding color though other colours such as pink, maroon, turquoise, yellow and even green are being used.
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When it comes to the fabric, the brides prefer silk. Others however prefer light fabric. The people attending the wedding wear a lot of gold jewellery this is inclusive of the bride and even the groom at times.

During each day of the festivities, different clothing is worn. The color of India wedding dresses symbolizes the nature and meaning of the marriage.
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No matter how different Indian wedding are, their culture and traditions are very rich. They have a very unique tradition and that is why weddings in India will always remain elegant.
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