Take inspiration from the 70’s with amazing 70s wedding dresses

70s wedding dress has exploded in popularity recently, with various bloggers cropping up all over the internet detailing the meticulous planning of their dream day.


As with anything that gets extremely popular, however, there are those doing it right and those doing it wrong. For any bride-to-be planning a 70s wedding, choosing a 70s wedding dress and accessories is the most exciting part of the process. The popularity of 70s weddings means that vintage-style dresses are easier than ever to attain – choosing which to buy and where from is a whole different matter.

Where to find

If you want to take inspiration from the 70s, for example, then don’t just search ‘70s wedding dresses‘ on the internet; take the time to watch films from the era, listen to music and take in the culture of the time. You should find you gain more fashion inspiration from doing this than simply trawling through images of dresses. Enjoy and, even if everything seems lost, picture yourself standing at the aisle in your dream ensemble.

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