12 Unique Features of The 50s Wedding Dresses

Weddings performed during just a the 50s were more than just a union between two people. For instance, they could be between two families, businesses or even countries. Many of them were based on politics other than love between the two groups involved.


The 1950s wedding dresses were not long as compared to what we currently have today as far as wedding fashion is concerned. Just to mention, the 50s wedding gowns were mainly Tea length gowns and swing dresses. As compared to the short-sleeved dresses people wear today, the 50s wedding dresses were long sleeved.With the current trends in the fashion industry, most designers are actually bringing back the ‘old culture’.


A lot of them are designing more of long-sleeved dresses that the short-sleeved ones. They however try to blend the fashion with what is currently trending in the fashion industry. The designers try to design these gowns with new fabric and better sizing than what was being used in the 50s.Simple designs, skirt and jacket outfits also became popular as weddings were not that important during this era. The 50s wedding dresses could also be worn during other celebrations.

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